Frequently asked questions


Are there any benefits for members?

Yes, of course.  Members receive a 20% discount on conference room and locker rental fees. Members also have the option to rent a private mailbox.

If I have a monthly membership, can I shift hours from month to another month?

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Can I freeze my membership and come back in a couple of months?

No problem. You can freeze your membership one time during your plan for a minimum of two weeks. We will miss you!.

Can I pass my membership to a friend to come instead of me?

Your membership belongs to you and cannot be transferred to another person. 

Can I pay for a locker with my TAP Wallet ?

Unfortunately you can only pay for usage of the Open & Quite Place with your TAP Wallet.

Should I purchase a membership or purchase the TAP wallet?

It all depends on what you need and how much time you plan to use TAP. If you are not sure, we recommend to purchase the TAP wallet and see what is preferable for you. 

Who is responsible for my belongings in my locker?

You are . TAP is not responsible or liable for any personal property that may be lost or stolen. We recommend that you do not leave valuables in your locker.

 What if I need to get a larger mail box?

It depends on how big the package is. We do have a special place for large mail items.  Please ask us beforehand. 

 Is cellphone use permitted in the Quiet Place? 

The point is to create a quiet environment where people can concentrate, so please no phones.

Is it possible to speak on the phone in the Open Place? 

Yes, you can speak freely. You can also work in small groups as long as you do not disturb other people.

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